So, what’s going on?

Anti-agriculture activist groups have recently started launching baseless attacks against North Carolina family farmers. The Waterkeeper Alliance is leading this charge by paying for billboards along our highways attacking North Carolina pork farmers. The billboards make charges that are totally false. Get the facts here.

Take a second to watch the video below detailing the Waterkeeper Alliance’s controversial and questionable attack against the Hudson family farm in Maryland. Ultimately, a judge ruled unequivocally in favor of the Hudsons after the Alliance pursued unfounded litigation against the family for three long years.

If we don’t stand up and take action, this same thing could happen to family-owned farms throughout North Carolina.

These attacks against pork farmers could potentially send meat production and agricultural jobs out of North Carolina, costing rural areas of the state thousands of jobs and local counties and schools millions of dollars in tax revenues.

Who is the Waterkeeper Alliance?

The Waterkeeper Alliance is a national activist group based in New York City. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is President of its Board of Directors. The group is known for its aggressive attacks on animal agriculture in many states. It works closely with trial lawyers who frequently file multi-million lawsuits against farm families.

For more information on the Waterkeeper Alliance, click here.

What can I do to help?

In addition to educating yourself and getting the facts on the pork industry and its benefits to North Carolina, we encourage you to take action and let regulators and elected officials know that you support family farmers in North Carolina.

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