Who are North Carolina’s family farmers?

Over 80% of North Carolina’s pork farms are owned and operated by individual farm families, who make the preservation of the environment, the humane treatment of their livestock and the well-being of their communities they live in top priorities. These family farms produce a high-quality, healthy, nutritious product – grown and processed right here in North Carolina – that is in high demand in North Carolina, across the country and around the world.

These farms operate the right way. Pork farmers in North Carolina specifically work with animal scientists and veterinarians, including those at North Carolina State University, to make sure they raise and bring pigs to market humanely.

Recently, these family farmers have been under attack by anti-agriculture activist groups. These attacks have the potential to badly damage the state economy, cost thousands of jobs and put many family farmers out of business. NC Family Farmers was created to stand up and speak out in their defense against these attacks.

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